Fynydd Tools

Promo Code Generator

Need a long list of unique promotion codes for coupon redemption, sweepstakes entries, or something similar to these?


Use the Fynydd Promo Code Generator tool below to create and download a batch of unique promotion codes with a high degree of entropy and without ambiguous characters.

You can generate 10 to 1,000 codes.
Enter a code mask to define the format of your promo codes.

Code Formats

The promo code generator uses a code mask to define the format of the codes.

Mask Types:

X = letters and numbers
A = letters
# = numbers
- = optional separator

Caveat: You can't mix mask types. For example AAA-AAA is valid, but AAA-### is not.


Code mask: XXX-XXX-XXX
Output: A2M-X84-C23

Code mask: AAAA-AAA
Output: MGKL-ACB

Code mask: #####
Output: 64893